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I moved to Ezcaray in La Rioja, Spain, in 2010. Before that I was a newspaper journalist working for a number of national publications in the UK. Between 2005 and 2010 I was a staff reporter for the Guardian newspaper in London.

I love the great outdoors and when not working or with my family you'll often find me walking, cycling or telemark skiing in the mountains that surround my home.

It's an inspiring environment that helps to bring out the best in my photography, 

I work across Spain. Don't hesitate in contacting me.


I capture emotion. I love working with fun loving, relaxed couples, making images that show the joy, the tears, the nerves, the humour and the pride of being there.

My photos are full of life, laughter and personality. They provoke emotion and tell a story. I work discretely and without interrupting the flow of events. After five minutes you’ll hardly know I’m there!

I’m after intimate images that will be treasured for generations.

I work for myself and by myself which allows me to be flexible and offer a highly personalised service. 

I'm a member of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and Fearless Photographers

My prices start at €1.250 + IVA. Don't hesitate in asking for a quote that suits your needs.


My corporate photography adds value to your business. I’m looking to create portraits that engender trust with your clients, and product photography that creates sales. I love photographing businesses in action; transmitting your stories and philosophy to your future clients.

I have a strong interest in wine photography.

My clients include the wineries Gómez Cruzado, Tobelos, Luís Cañas, CVNE, Osborne and Palacios. Also restaurants such as the two-Michelin starred El Portal del Echaurren, amongst others.






My portraits are all about capturing your essence; ie what makes you tick! I specialise photographing people doing what they love. If you’re a keen cook, we’ll set up in the kitchen. An outdoor type? Let’s go to the mountains.

I enjoy the challenge of capturing people in their natural environment in completely different settings.





Before moving to Ezcaray in La Rioja, I worked as a staff reporter for The Guardian newspaper in London. I have also worked for the Independent, Mail on Sunday and Rough Guides travel books. That’s to say I understand the importance of working to exacting standards and tight deadlines.

My photos have been published in El País, ABC, The Guardian, The Independent, Surface, Decanter and Falstaff to name just a few.

All types of editorial and travel assignments accepted. I work across Spain.

Usage rights for my images can be purchased via Alamy or contact me direct.

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