Zaragoza Wedding Photography - Torre del Pino, San Juan de Mozarrifar

 19/5/12 Boda de María y Kevin, Torre del Pino, San Juan de Mozarrifar, Zaragoza, Aragón, España. Foto: James Sturcke Fotografía |

Zaragoza Wedding Photography

Couples who hire photojournalists not only want beautiful wedding photos but also stories told through the images. There are various ways of doing this - perhaps the most obvious being through a series of photos. You can narrate the day with a portfolio taken over many hours or tell about a special moment with a number of images snapped in a couple of seconds.

But another, more subtle, way I tell stories is through the components I include in the composition of a photo. The above picture was taken in the Zaragoza flat where María grew up. There were lots of family photos on show. As soon as I entered I started making a mental note of what pictures were where, including the picture of María’s mother on her wedding day more than 30 years before.

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A few minutes later María and her father were together near this photo. I took a couple of shots, one focused on María and her father, the other on the picture. Perhaps it’s not the most beautiful shot of the day but it is the one that tells the story of two generations of a family.

By the way, the couple celebrated their wedding at Torre del Pino, San Juan de Mozarrifar, on the outskirts of Zaragoza.

Client comment: "Thank you for being an excellent photographer. Not only were you excellent but also very popular!!"