Zaragoza Wedding Photography: Cachirulo restaurante, Zaragoza, Spain

 19/10/13 María y Santi, Iglesia San Pablo y Restaurante El Cachirulo, Zaragoza, Aragón, España. Foto de James Sturcke Fotografía |

Zaragoza Wedding Photography

I’ve written before that unlimited coverage is a key part of what I offer my wedding clients. I don’t know why more photographers in Spain don’t do the same. To me it’s a way of getting great shots not only during those tension-ladened pre-ceremony mornings but also, many hours later, the evening festivities.

María & Santi celebrated their wedding in the beautiful San Pablo church in the heart of Zaragoza before decamping to Cachirulo restaurant on the outskirts of the city. Cachirulo not only has lovely gardens but also stunning indoor spaces, particularly the conservatory. The evening dance was to be held there and I, for one, didn’t want to miss it. To me the resulting photos are worth every penny spent on a hotel room even if it means I’ve less take home pay.

Destination wedding Zaragoza

It was also a wedding where the guests just wanted to have fun. Me too! We all did and the result… happy clients!

Testimony from María:

“Hi James,

“Many thanks for everything. Your work was fantastic during the wedding. Many guests asked me who the was the photographer; whether you were family or a guest? It shows not only that you can take photos but also win the crowd.

“It was a great decision to go with you and many thanks for making it so easy.”