Wedding Photography, La Rioja, Spain - Laura & Ismael, San Asensio, La Rioja, Spain

 6/7/13 Boda de  Laura e Ismael, Castillo de Davalillo y Bodegas Señorio de Villarrica, Hervias, La Rioja. Foto de James Sturcke Fotografía |

Wedding Photography, La Rioja, Spain

A typical wedding day is filled with a wide range of emotions: tension, relief, happiness, poignancy, to name but a few. It's my job to capture them all in such a way that viewers not only see the images but feel them.

I’m also always on the lookout for fun & funny shots that make you smile. The photos below of the unconventional way of putting on a tie and the niece's intrigue of the garter, for example. And of course the photo above of a man having the time of his life dancing with a considerably younger, and taller, woman.

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There were more than 300 guests at Laura & Ismael’s wedding at Castillo de Davalillo, San Asensio, y Bodegas Señorio de Villarrica near Santo Domingo. It was a day that was full of life, movement & fun. And that's what the portfolio needs to capture.

Testimonial from Laura:

“The photos are spectacular. There’s not a single one we don’t like. They’re great.

“To make someone cry only by looking at a photo only happens if they reflect the emotion of the moment. Also some made us laugh lots. We love them. You’re a great photographer.”