Wedding Photography, La Rioja, Spain - Hotel Echaurren, Ezcaray - Raquel & Fer

 22/9/12 Boda de Raquel y Fernando, Iglesia de Ezcaray y Hotel Echaurren, Ezcaray, La Rioja, España. Foto: James Sturcke Fotografía |

Wedding Photography La Rioja Spain

A couple of months ago I wrote about the importance of preparation before a photo session with the world's best chef, Ferran Adrià. In a world where most people have a camera-phone on them most of the time, preparation is often the difference between a snap shot and a great photo.

But however much you’ve planned something it's also important to think on the hoof. Raquel and Fernando had asked for a photo call during their wedding at Hotel Echaurren, Ezcaray, La Rioja. Photo calls are the polar opposite to my usual, spontaneous, no-flash approach. But I like doing them and wedding couples delight in the resulting photos.

Spontaneous wedding photography in Ezcaray, La Rioja

So I'd set up a couple of remote flashes and all that was missing were the guests. While someone went off to rouse the troops I was left alone with Raquel. Now Raquel is an exceptionally energetic person by nature so, to while away the time, I suggested we took a couple of shots. “Why don't you jump?” I asked. So she did. I took a shot. It wasn't too bad. “Once more, please.” And that's the photo above.

This shot is a result of planning but also improvisation. It probably took less than10 seconds from the idea coming into my head to the finished photo. Sometimes that's how the best shots are.

People often ask me how much photoshopping was in involved in this picture. I don’t use photoshop much. I prefer to spend my time out taking photos not sat in front of the computer changing them. But I did use photoshop to remove a sign from the wall, which I found distracting. The rest is real. The original picture is below so you can see for yourself. And there are more photos from the wedding here.


Testimonial from Raquel's mother: "Dear Friend, A great job. Every photo has something special. You've known how to get the best of both of them in their most treasured moments. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! and many thanks."