Wedding photography in San Sebastian: Spring photos on La Concha Beach, San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, Spain

Wedding Photography in San Sebastian | Spring Photos on La Concha Beach San Sebastian Gipuzkoa Basque Country Spain - James Sturcke Photographer |

Wedding photography in San Sebastian

Street photography is an important way for me to keep my eye in as we head into the season of wedding photography in San Sebastian and La Concha beach is a brilliant place to do it. Though it wasn’t exactly beach weather, there’re always activities going on along this famous strip of sand… dog walking, surfing and some intrepid bathing.

Broadly speaking my street photography, like my wedding photography in San Sebastian, is divided into three types: Pictures where the people never see me, pictures where I ask permission before taking someone’s photo and those where I don’t ask beforehand. The latter group usually produces my favourite photos; images which are thrilling, candid, natural and spontaneous; images where the viewer really feels he was there.

San Sebastian destination wedding photographer

Like in my wedding photography, the trick is to get among the action without influencing it or bothering anyone. I’m armed with a smile and am prepared to stop if they’s any hint of the person not being comfortable with my presence. For the girls in the photo above I wanted to be close enough to show just how cold the water was through their expressions. I also wanted to shoot wide enough to be able to show part of the old town and the famous Monte Urgull in the background.