Toledo Wedding Photography - Merche & Hernan, Toledo, Castilla La Mancha, Spain

 12/10/13 Boda de Merche y Hernán, Toledo, Castile La Mancha, España. Foto de James Sturcke Fotografía |

Toledo Wedding Photography

One of the weddings from last autumn that I enjoyed the most was that of Merche & Hernan in Toledo. Why was it so good? Well, in part because Toledo is a beautiful city and new to me; I always like the challenge of working out of my comfort zone.

A second, key, element was the working relationship i built up with the couple. They live in Madrid I went to meet them at their home soon after they first contacted me. Six months later I returned to see them in Madrid and we spent a day doing a pre-wedding shoot. This meant that by the time of the actual wedding in Toledo they were super relaxed to have me around them snapping away. It led to lots of natural, candid and spontaneous shots.

What’s more, their laid-back relationship with me spread among their family and friends, resulting in a series of candid shots of them too.

Destination wedding Toledo

Oh and if anyone is thinking of getting married in Toledo, I’m sure I can be available!!!