Spain food photography: Flavours of La Rioja, Restaurante La Vieja Bodega, Casalarreina, La Rioja, Spain


Spain food photography

What happens when you get 14 chefs with a dozen Michelin stars between them to meet up and cook lunch in the same kitchen? It sounds like it could be the start of a joke or the recipe for a disaster. Well actually not. Turns out that this particular group of chefs brought together by Rioja Capital at Restaurante La Vieja Bodega in Casalarreina (La Rioja) also excel at teamwork.

Flavours of La Rioja

While Rioja is famous all over the world for its wine, Rioja Capital is tasked with also promoting the region’s food. The organisation invited guests to a “Flavours of La Rioja” lunch where each chef prepared a different dish. Among the Rioja restauranteurs were Francis Paniego (three Michelin stars), Ignacio Echapresto and Iñaki Murua (one star each). Although Andoni Luis Aduriz’s two-star Mugaritz restaurant is in the Basque country, his team prepared a Rioja-inspired dish. They were joined by other chefs who may not have Michelins stars but whose cooking has nevertheless become a culinary reference.