Rioja Wedding Photographer: Isabel & David, Palacio Casafuerte, Zarratón, La Rioja, Spain

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Rioja Wedding Photographer

It was very clear - and humbling - when I first met Isabel and David that they wanted me to shoot their wedding. They are journalists and I was a journalist in London before moving to Spain. They were looking for someone with that journalistic eye to record their wedding.

What does that mean? Well basically I’m constantly looking for visual stories that relate to my couples. My wedding photography starts weeks or months before the wedding day by sitting down with the couple and getting to know as much as possible about them. For example, David mentioned that his hobby was watch design. So when I saw him setting the time on his watch while getting ready that just had to be a part of the portfolio. (First gallery photo).

Generally speaking I try to incorporate these moments without interrupting because you can’t claim to be a photojournalist if you’re forever telling a couple to wait while you finesse the background. The exception is during any posed couple or group shots. Apart from that I’m just looking for a narrative of the day made up of mini-stories. 

Photojournalist wedding photography at Palacio Casafuerte, La Rioja, Spain

Many of my shots show the beauty and love of the day, particularly the connection between the couple. But I don’t shy away from recording moments of tension or apprehension. And I like humour too, like Isabel’s mother and sister putting plasters on their feet to protect against blisters (third photo).

This was the first wedding I’d shot at Palacio Casafuerte in Zarratón. It’s such a beautiful building, both inside and out, with lovely backgrounds.