Rioja Wedding: La Arboleda del Sur, Hotel Echaurren, Ezcaray, La Rioja, Spain

 16/6/18 Mariló y Miguel, La Arboleda del Echaurren, Ezcaray, La Rioja, Spain. Photo by James Sturcke |

Rioja Wedding Photography

Last night I was watching an interview with the great American photographer Annie Leibovitz in which she says she’s scared of sunny days!

“It’s sort of a joke, you know?” she said. “You get there and whoever you’re with says: ‘Aren’t you glad I brought the good weather?’ And it’s like for me, and the kind of work I do, I pray for overcast days.”

Me too! But when shooting Spanish weddings in summer at noon, I my prayers aren’t answered that often. 

Arboleda del Sur de Echaurren, Ezcaray, La Rioja, Spain

Mariló and Miguel’s wedding at the Arboleda del Sur, Hotel Echaurren’s new finca on the outskirts of Ezcaray, was a challenge. Fantastic couple and beautiful location but very strong light and deep shadows.

So you just have to find a way to make it work! Heavy shadows, look for them and use them as part of the composition. The shade: it’s your friend. Grab it when you can. With such contrasts maybe go black and white in post. 

And then when the light does soften towards the evening. Grab the couple and drag them out for some portrait shots. Show their love.