Publicity and website photography in La Rioja and across Spain

 7/8/15 Camino de Gran Recorrido, GR93 cerca de San Millan de la Cogolla, La Rioja, España. Foto de James Sturcke |

Publicity and website photography in La Rioja

One of the first and best things I did when I moved to La Rioja six years ago was to invest time and money in building a decent website. One that was simple but elegant and showed off my photography at its best. It was a shrewd investment for my website has brought in tons of work ever since.

What I’ve realised from my own experience is that high quality content is essential in promoting a high quality brand and product. Attaining high quality images is not just about turning up with a fancy camera and shooting willy-nilly. They need to be thought through from an early stage. What is it you’re selling and what do the images need to show to transmit that? The image has to convince the viewer that they want “that”, whether the thing in question be an experience or an object.

La Rioja Professional photography

I love working with clients who understand that. Here’s just three of them that I’ve recently enjoyed working with. Firstly the fledgeling Androsela Walkers who are offering guided walks in the beautiful La Rioja countryside. Secondly the well-known Echaurren hotel which is undertaking a rolling programme of modernising its rooms and other spaces. And finally another family-run Ezcaray business, Garcia Hermanos, who make beautiful and sustainably-sourced wooden furniture.