Professional Wedding Photographer in La Rioja: La Arboleda del Sur de Echaurren, Ezcaray, La Rioja, Spain

Fotógrafo profesional de boda en La Rioja - James Sturcke Photographer

La Arboleda del Sur de Echaurren, Ezcaray, La Rioja, Spain

Human vision is very selective. We see what we want to see and block out the rest. Carried along by the emotion of a wedding our eyes focus on the laughter, tears of happiness, the gorgeous flowers, the beautiful clothes etc. They skim over ugly stuff like street signs, power cables, waste bins and so on.

The camera, however, doesn’t. It records everything in front of it. A large chunk of my concentration is taken up eliminating the crud as I work out the composition. Or at least placing it in such as way as it doesn’t distract from the strength of the image. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the location - and the Arboleda del Sur de Echaurren in Ezcaray is a stunning place - they’ll always be fire extinguishers, parked cars, microphones, empty glasses and so on that can ruin an otherwise strong photo. 

Destination weddings in La Rioja, Spain

Since so much of my wedding photography is unstaged I have to doubly concentrate to make sure that although the moment may be spontaneous my images have been thought through in the microsecond before pressing the shutter. I want the viewer only to see the beauty of the day.