Professional Photographer Navarra Spain: Helados Grate, Viana

 29/2/16 Helados Grate, Viana, Navarra, Spain. Photo by James Sturcke |

Professional Photographer Navarra

To make fantastic ice cream you need fantastic ingredients and that is why raw materials are key to Fernando Sáenz. From their Helados Grate base in Viana, Navarra, Fernando and his partner, Angelines Gonzáles, concoct delicious ice cream recipes. And recipe is the right word because for them making ice cream is like cooking at below-zero temperatures. Like the Michelin-starred chefs to whom they sell their produce, they are blending flavours and textures to surprise and delight their customers.

So the dairy products are local, the lemons are hand squeezed and many of the herbs are grown in their garden. Finalising the recipes is to some extent an emotional journey but also there’s a scientific input, as the equations on the whiteboard show, alongside phrases such as: "Aromas are the gateway to memories."

Heladería dellaSera, Logroño

The professional photographic brief for the project was to show the purity, simplicity, beauty, thought and passion that encapsulates Fernando and Angelines’s work. The result is simply nothing like the mass-produced pseudo-Italian stuff that I grew up on. And if you happen to be in central Logroño, La Rioja, during the summer months, I’d highly recommend you visit their ice cream parlour dellaSera at Calle Portales, 28.