Professional photographer Logroño, La Rioja, Spain - Ferran Adrià’s visit to Restaurante Tondeluna

 14/12/12 Ferran Adrià en Restaurante Tondeluna, Logroño, La Rioja. Foto por James Sturcke |

Professional photographer Logroño, La Rioja, Spain

Just as in fine cooking, in photography many ingredients need to come together just right to produce good results. And perhaps one of the most overlooked is preparation. With good planning even the most daunting assignments can be fun and creative.

In the days before Ferran Adrià’s visit to La Rioja I read articles and watched videos about him and his Bulli Foundation. Having got a bit of an idea about the man, I made sure I got to the first location, at Hotel Marquès de Riscal, an hour before he did. This gave me time to come up with not just one but three possible locations for the group shot of Ferran with the hotel’s Michelin star restaurant team. And it meant that when the hotel bosses vetoed my first choice location as too far away, I didn’t panic; I had a plan B which resulted in the photo below.

Food and wine photography in La Rioja

The main reason for Ferran’s visit to La Rioja was to give the final talk in the Somos Capital series marking the end of Logroño’s stint as gastronomic capital of Spain. Over the past year more than a dozen of the country’s most distinguished chefs (with 27 Michelin stars between them) have given talks at Francis Paniego’s Tondeluna restaurant in Logroño. I’ve photographed most of them so know the restaurant well. But I still wanted to arrive with enough time to visualise the photos beforehand. I knew where Ferran would be speaking so I got on a chair and swivelled two ceiling lights towards the spot. And voila!!