Professional photographer in La Rioja: Bodegas Gómez Cruzado, Haro (La Rioja), Spain


Professional photography in La Rioja

As I wrote in a post last October, Bodegas Gómez Cruzado is one of Haro’s historic wineries and I was lucky enough to photograph the winery and its vineyards on a number of occasions during 2018. 

The philosophy of David González and Juan Antonio Leza is to make wines with personality which express their origin, or “terroir”. For example, Pancrudo is made with the garnacha grape variety which grows 650 metres above sea level near Badarán, in the foothills of the Sierra de la Demanda mountains. In fact Pancrudo is named after one of the peaks.

Understanding client needs

Accordingly the photos had to reflect that extreme environment. The gods were smiling and duly conjured up some snow while the autumnal leaves were still on the vines. And one of the advantages of being based in La Rioja is I can time my visit to coincide with good weather.

Another Gómez Cruzado hallmark is that the harvest is done by hand with the grapes transported to the winery in small crates to minimise squashing. I love that in a world where so much is automated an artesanal philosophy still thrives among many Riojan winemakers.