Press Photographer La Rioja: The Wine Battle, Haro, La Rioja, Spain

Press Photographer | Wine Fight Haro La Rioja Spain - James Sturcke Photographer |

Press photographer La Rioja

Like last year, I started this press photography in La Rioja assignment by wondering whether it was a waste of wine but once again I found it hard not to be swept up by the spirit of the annual St Peter’s Day wine battle in Haro, La Rioja.

Editorial photographer in La Rioja

Around 9,000 revellers poured and squirted an estimated 130,000 litres of perfectly drinkable plonk at Riscos de Bilibio, located about five kilometres from the town centre. Many had been up all night and I give them full credit for even getting to the start. Not everyone survived to the end - as the photo below shows - but those that did generated so much steam that my lens kept misting up as I threw myself into the middle of the action. It’s the only way to go!