Portrait Photography Burgos Spain - Looney Blues Band, Burgos, Castilla y Leon, Spain

 4/7/14 Dani, Dani, Candi e Iñigo, Alto de Pradilla, Burgos, Spain. Foto: James Sturcke | www.sturcke.org

Portrait Photography Burgos Spain

I pinched the idea for this photo from Fiona Adams who took a distinctive photo of the Beatles jumping from a wall on Euston Road, London, in 1963. I’d been leafing through a book of 1960s pop and rock star portraits in the days leading up to this shoot of the Looney Blues Band in the countryside near Fresneda, Burgos Province, Castilla y León.

A simple technique to make photos more interesting is to shoot from a different angle. The trick is not to make the photo look too contrived and this is where the wall comes in. It acts as a simple and natural prop to elevate the band.

Burgos professional photographer

This was a shoot for the band’s new poster campaign so I was looking for simple backgrounds upon which text could be superimposed on top without spoiling the elegance of the image. In the above photo there’s enough sky space for the band to put their name and the details of their next concert. There were many vertical shots in this session for the same reason.

Being the romantic that I am I wanted to have the band playing during the sunset. The only problem was that the sun had already set! So I set up two flashes covered with orange gels and positioned them on stands at about the place the sun had been in the sky. Sometimes you have to be a pragmatic romantic!