Portrait photographer Spain - Ezcaray Basketball club, La Rioja, Spain

 11/11/16 Club de Baloncesto, Ezcaray, La Rioja, España. Foto de James Sturcke | www.sturcke.org

Portrait photographer Spain

My oldest son Nicky has become an enthusiastic member of Ezcaray’s basketball club. A few months ago someone at the club had the idea to create a book of stickers of all the players - young and not so young. Swapping football players stickers is something I remember doing in the school playground when I was young. Selling packs of stickers seemed an inspired way of raising money for the club. And of course they asked me to make the photos. “A 100 portraits, in two hours?” - I thought to myself - “Of course! Group photos too? Bring them on!”

Personal photographic projects

We met up one Friday evening to photograph all the club members. When you know the logistics are going to be tricky the best advice I was ever given was to keep it simple. Just two lights and a black background for the portraits. I wanted to make fun photos so I gave each player a ball and asked them to imagine they were in a game and adopt a posture accordingly. I had my camera tethered to my laptop meaning the images instantly appeared on the computer screen - to the amusement of all the other team players who could see them.

It was a fun session. I like working on these types of personal, community projects. If any reader has an activity - individual or group, work or social community project - that they think might be suitable to photograph on a non-commercial basis, please do get in touch.