Northern Spain wedding photographer: La Arboleda del Sur, Ezcaray, La Rioja

 15 de Septiembre 2018. Patricia y Guillermo, Ezcaray (La Rioja). Photo by James Sturcke |

Northern Spain wedding photography

The other day I was listening to an archive interview with the renowned American photographer Eve Arnold (1912-2012). She was talking about how the photographer tries to express his or her point of view and give meaning to what he or she sees.

“It is about focussing in closely on something that appeals or repels you. It is like saying ‘Stop! Look at this. This is the way I see it.’”

That same thinking influences my wedding photography. Faced with busy scenes full of people and stuff, I’m constantly trying to hone in on the details. I’m looking to simplify. Slow down James. What’s key? What’s superfluous? I want simple images that tell the story and especially the emotions of the event.

Get married at La Arboleda del Sur, Ezcaray (La Rioja)

As you can see from this gallery of images from Patricia and Guillermo’s wedding at La Arboleda del Sur in Ezcaray (La Rioja) , I’m a subscriber to the “less is more” theory!!