Northern Spain wedding photographer - Diana & Juan, Briones, La Rioja

 1/10/16 Bodegas Rioja Alta, Haro, La Rioja. Foto de James Sturcke |

Northern Spain Wedding Photographer

I love being close to the action; it's where you feel the emotion that is so much part of my wedding photography. However, sometimes it’s important to take a step back to get the bigger picture. Diana & Juan’s wedding in Briones in northern Spain’s La Rioja is a good example. 

The ceremony was in the family garden high above the river Ebro with sensational views overlooking Rioja’s vineyards. The only problem was that there was a three metre high wall around the garden blocking the view. So I had to get high, very high. Rooftop high, in fact, to be able to get the shot I wanted that took in both the wedding and its stunning setting.

Planning is key to Wedding Photography

This took some planning as I wanted to be near the couple when they arrived at the beginning of the ceremony and also for the exchange of rings. I talked through the shot with them before the wedding and checked out possible vantage points. Then on the wedding day and in final minutes before it all kicked off, I double checked that the route to the vantage point was clear - no locked doors or windows etc.

The timing was tight. I got back to the couple just as the rings were being brought out. But the resulting shot made the effort well worth it.

Catering: Restaurante La Vieja Bodega (Casalarreina).

Audio & DJ: DJ Luisma