Natural Wedding Photography, La Rioja, Spain - Santo Domingo de la Calzada & Azarrulla

 27/7/13 Boda de Elisa y Gonzalo, Santo Domingo y Azarrulla, La Rioja, España. Foto de James Sturcke Fotografía |

Natural wedding photography, La Rioja, Spain

I always offer couples unlimited coverage on their wedding day. To my mind, the longer I spend with couples the more chance I have of getting cracking shots. What’s more, I like capturing the changing mood as the day evolves. You can often feel the nerves in the air at the start of the day and, of course, once the ceremony is out of the way, everyone lets their hair down and the party really begins. Often accompanied by months’ of pent up emotions flooding out.

I don’t think Elisa will mind me saying that she was bloody nervous at the start of her wedding day in Santo Domingo de la Calzada, La Rioja. Part of my job is to record that vibe but without adding to the pressure. I work quietly and, if needs be, keep back a bit, capturing the different moods in the room. While Elisa was contemplative, her grandmother was already enjoying herself, as you can see in the second photo below.

Destination weddings in La Rioja, Spain

After the ceremony in Santo Domingo, the reception was at the Antigua Ferrería in Azarrulla, a hamlet nestled in the beautiful Oja valley 6km up the road from Ezcaray. It’s a great venue to enjoy both good food and feel the surrounding mountains. And, dance the evening away barefoot on the grass.