London wedding photographer: Emma & Gareth, Welsh Chapel, Borough, London

 3/9/15 Wedding of Emma & Gareth, Welsh Congregational Chapel, Borough, London, England. Photo by James Sturcke |

London wedding photographer

Emma and Gareth had already booked me for their major wedding celebration in Spain but they also needed a London wedding photographer to cover a private ceremony in the days beforehand.

Generally speaking I’m game for whatever fancy my couples have! By being flexible and able to tailor my offering to my clients’ needs I find myself in all sorts of interesting places. And that inspires me to really push myself and my photography.

Welsh Congregational Chapel wedding photography

So I jumped at the chance to photograph Emma & Gareth’s London ceremony. My enthusiasm only increased when I saw how Borough Welsh Congregational Chapel, with its large, clear glass windows would be a dream location for a natural light wedding photographer like me.

A stunning location, close-knit families, a very welcoming church leader in Eiri Jones, wonderful light and a supremely happy couple all helped me in showing the beauty of the day.