La Vieja Bodega Wedding Photography - Casalarreina, La Rioja, Spain

 8/7/17 Evange & Juanma, La Vieja Bodega, Casalarreina, La Rioja, España. Photo by James Sturcke |

La Vieja Bodega Wedding Photography

It was a beautiful, cloudless morning and hard to believe the forecast for rain. I was hot in the car on the way to the bride’s house in Logroño. I was hot in the car on the way from the bride’s house to La Vieja Bodega Restaurant in Casalarreina. And I was hot as I walked around the restaurant’s beautiful garden scouting for shot locations.

Then I noticed the clouds! They weren’t much to start with. The sun was still shining as the guests were taking their seats for the garden ceremony. But that all changed during the 20-minute ceremony as first one umbrella, then another and another umbrella went up. Soon the only people not to have an umbrella was the couple, the registrar and me!

Rioja Wedding Photographer

It seems to me that most people worry about the weather in the run-up to their wedding. Understandably so. But also it’s one of the things that’s outside our control and the best policy is to have a decent wet-weather plan and then relax. And that is exactly what Evangelina and Juanma did. They got a bit wet and didn’t care a jot. I got a bit wet but I also got some interesting photos.

And then the rain stopped and the sun came out again!