La Rioja Wedding Photography - Restaurante La Vieja Bodega, Casalarreina

 Boda de Argiñe y Pedro, La Vieja Bodega, Casalarreina, La Rioja, España. Fotos: James Sturcke Fotografía |

La Rioja wedding photography

I shot my first wedding of the year last weekend when Argiñe and Pedro celebrated their marriage in La Vieja Bodega, Casalarreina, La Rioja. The photos are a bit different than normal as they were commissioned by the restaurant owner, Ángel, for his new website.

Destination weddings in La Rioja

Accordingly I spent more time than normal taking photos of the reception rooms before the couple and guests arrived. I also lingered more than usual in the kitchen which had the unexpected but highly welcome advantage in that they fed me!

My thanks to Argiñe and Pedro for “dancing” with me in the five-minute shoot we had together - you can see from the resulting photos what a relaxed, fun couple they are.