English-speaking Wedding Photographer Spain: Hotel Marqués de Riscal, Elciego, Álava, Spain

 14 & 15 July 2018. Linda & Nate, Bodegas Señorio de las Viñas & Hotel Marqués de Riscal, Álava, Basque Country, Spain. Photo by James Sturcke | sturcke.org

English-speaking Wedding Photographer Spain

Yesterday I showed images from Linda & Nate’s wedding at Hotel Marqués de Riscal to a film maker who’d seen me at work. 

“Ah,” he said, “Now I understand why you spent so much time on the ground.”

It’s true! I spend a large chunk of my time at a wedding crouching close to the floor. The knees of my trousers are always wearing thin and need patching. My legs ache the following day. But it’s where the photos are.

Stunning wedding photography

When you’re low you have to shoot upwards. Now the backgrounds are the walls, ceiling, sky; areas that tend to be less cluttered. And that’s what I’m looking for at a wedding: elegant photos, with clean backgrounds so the couple and their guests really dominate the final images.

It’s not easy at a wedding. There’s so much going on and it goes on so fast. Moments come and go in a flash but nevertheless I’m constantly checking the edges of the frame as I push the trigger always looking for stuff that detracts from the strength of the image; always looking how to improve the composition.