English-speaking professional photographer in Spain: 25th Anniversary, Restaurante La Vieja Bodega, Casalarreina (La Rioja)

 16/5/19 25 aniversario de Restaurante La Vieja Bodega, Casalarreina (La Rioja), España. Photo by James Sturcke | sturcke.org

English-speaking Professional Photographer in Spain

Among the top 10 restaurants in Spain, according to Tripadvisor in 2017, great team both front and back of house, generous and energetic boss in the shape of Angel Perez… of course the 25th anniversary party at the Vieja Bodega Restaurante in Casalarreina (La Rioja) was going to be special.

All journeys have their ups and downs, of cause. The nadir was in 2001 when the place was burnt to the ground. I think Angel’s force of personality and unremitting energy is in large part responsible for the comeback. He and his team have created a fantastic place to eat in a comfortable but relaxed environment.

25th Anniversary party at La Vieja Bodega in Casalarreina (La Rioja)

My brief for the party was… not to enjoy the party too much! So I missed out on the German, French and Argentinian wines (though I did try the cava) and the beautiful-tapas. But I did at least enjoy the dixie band, Dixiemulando. And found myself snacking in the kitchen with Angel et al when all the guests had gone home. No complaints!