Engagement Photography Madrid - Natural photos of Merche and Hernan

 27/5/13 Engagement shoot / Preboda de Merche y Hernán, Madrid, España. Foto / Photo de James Sturcke Fotografía | www.sturcke.org

Engagement Photography Madrid

There are many ways to approach engagement shoots. Many wedding photographers favour taking their clients to a spectacular location where they set up lights and all sorts of other kit. Sometimes the results are fantastic but sometimes I’m left feeling that the couple look out of place and serious.

To me, capturing the joy a couple feel when they’re together is key to an engagement shoot. It should be the first thing a viewer sees. The location and lighting is complimentary but secondary. It seems to me that any photo where the viewer notices the setting more than the couple’s love for each other has missed the point.

Natural wedding photography in Madrid

But how do you show that chemistry? Well, here the relationship between the photographer and the couple is important. You need to know your subjects to be able to capture them. Merche and Hernán invited me to stay in their home in Madrid the night before their engagement shoot and that was an excellent opportunity to talk about the photos we wanted to take. Next day we shot at a number of locations in Madrid, some famous (Parque Retiro and Gran Vía) others less so. But I hope that in all these pictures the location plays nothing more than a backing role.