Begoña & Javier: Engagement photography in Portugalete, Bilbao, Basque Country

Engagement photography in Portugalete, Basque Country, Spain - James Sturcke Photographer |

Engagement photography in Portugalete and Bilbao

I like to arrange engagement photography sessions somewhere that’s special for the couple, not for me. Beautiful locations help to make beautiful photos, but I really won’t suggest a session in a cornfield unless at least one of the couple happens to be a farmer. Or at the Guggenheim museum unless they’re modern architects.

For me, engagement photography has to be about both the relationship between the couple and also with the location. Otherwise it makes no sense.

Bilbao destination wedding photography

And that’s how I found myself in broad daylight outside Karma nightclub in Portugalete, just outside Bilbao, Basque Country. Karma is one of a number of late night bars in the centre of the town. As soon as Begoña saw Karma she immediately told me how she’d been a regular visitor in her youth. Karma may not be as emblematic of Portugalete as the town’s famous suspension bridge but it triggered memories. And by lucky coincidence there happened to be a shaft of light reflected from an upper window falling into the doorway.

It’s the incongruity that makes this photo. The impeccably dressed coupled in dingy location offering cheap drinks (Katxis) and the promise of infinite love in a place of one-night stands.