Elena & Matt: Destination wedding photography in Hotel Echaurren, Ezcaray, La Rioja, Spain

Destination wedding in Hotel Echaurren Ezcaray La Rioja Spain - James Sturcke Photographer | sturcke.org

Ezcaray wedding photography

I’ve shot more destination weddings in La Rioja’s Echaurren Restaurant than anywhere else but this was the first one that I’ve done where the couple met in the building! Chefs Elena & Matt spent a number of months working in the kitchen of the 2 Michelin star restaurant and it was there that love blossomed. Perhaps it was something in the food?

Destination wedding photography in La Rioja

This was a small destination wedding. The couple now live in the States, as do Matt’s family, while Elena’s parents live in Japan. I like small weddings. They’re intimate, informal and there’s a lot less to worry about going wrong. I also find that I often get adopted as an honorary guest and am able shoot some extremely candid and natural shots. It was also an extremely happy day; something I think you can well see in the photos.