Basque Country wedding photography: Lisa & Tim, Getaria (Gipuzkoa), Spain

 21/8/19 Lisa & Tim, Getaria (Gizpuzkoa), Spain. Photo by James Sturcke |

Basque Country wedding photography

I have nothing but admiration for Lisa and Tim! From their home near Dublin they organised an immensely impressive wedding on the beautiful Basque Country coast in the stunning town of Getaria (Gipuzkoa). 

Not only did they find the lovely Villa Embil to rent with uninterrupted views of the beach and the bay, but they also found a fluent English-speaking priest and sorted out a sunny day. All of that both from long distance and also while adjusting to life with baby Robyn.

Weddings in San Sebastian and environs

Getaria is located around 25km from San Sebastián. Like its more famous neighbour it has a beautiful sandy beach, and lovely stone buildings. It’s also much smaller and, consequently, everything is within walking distance. Though far from unknown to locals, it’s not an international destination like San Sebastian and consequently maintains a more relaxed and, dare I say it, authentic nature.

This was a small wedding for intimate family and friends. I love small weddings where I can make sure everyone gets photographed. The thing I have to remember is that, with few people, there’s nowhere to hide. So I have to really concentrate on being close but not interrupting the flow of events.

Happy to say that when I checked my email this morning I found Lisa had left the following Google Review:

“James did a wonderful job capturing special moments throughout our wedding day. He was very professional and friendly. All the guests commented on how great he was! I would highly recommend him.”