Basque Country professional photography: Basque Cooking at Bodegas Valdemar, Oyón, Alava

 28/11/15 Evento de Basque Culinary Center en Bodegas Valdemar, Oyón, Álava. Foto de James Sturcke |

Basque Country professional photography

Pedro Subijana, Martín Berasategui and Juan Mari Arzak are legendary Basque Country chefs that helped raise the region’s gastronomic profile to the stratosphere. In recent years they’ve been followed by a younger generation including Andoni Luis Aduriz and Elena Arzak. But who will be next?

The Basque Culinary School hopes the answer to that question will emerge from its kitchens. It held a recent event at Bodegas Valdemar, in Oyón, Alava, to show what its students can do.

My job was to photograph the culinary experience given to around 40 specialist journalists as they toured the winery tasting different dishes inspired by various Spanish chefs. And with each dish went a different wine from Valdemar’s cellars.

Rioja Alavesa wine photography

The winery put a considerable amount of effort into converting its cavernous spaces into cosy eateries. That challenged me to find what little light there was in many of the locations and work with it, transmitting the sense of quality and professionalism of these young chefs.